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Printed Coloring Book Mugs

Why stop at printing on tiles when you can color your own "coloring book mugs!"

These mugs are 9 oz porcelain and 4" tall.

We can of course put any pattern or most any kind of theme you want.

Then you can color it all in making your own mug look with the colors you want.

We can even make one with the 'dots' or whatever pattern and then have the

persons name printed on the handle or inside the mug.

Note: when we print on the Inside of a mug, its food safe and permanent 


You can't use markers or porcelain markers and print on the inside of a mug

and try to drink or use that mug. Our print is food safe but the other inks are not.

These tiles are printed in food grade ink, and our ink is permanent and will stand up to any cleaning or placing in your oven. They are made of permanent food safe ink and have a 25 year warranty not to fade or wipe off. Call us 1 855 410 8797 or direct in Toronto Ontario Canada 1-416-410-8797

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Nothing Like This In Coloring Anywhere!  Call toll free 1 855 410 8797