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This is a 18" x 30" mural that can be installed like normal tile and colored with markers that can be wiped off and re-colored later.

Or you can use porcelain markers and put these tiles in the oven for a more permanent solution.

We typically suggest marker tiles that can wipe off and use the tiles again but you can try other markers - just remember they are not food grade (especially for mugs or plates)

Feature Title

Way more complex for coloring, showing that we can get more detailed (and even more detailed too).

We don't make coloring book tiles, just for kids or children's rooms...but us adults too!

This owl is 18" x 24" on 6" wall tile.

You can just as easily print it on 4.25 inch tile

so that the size would change to 12 3/4 of an inch by 17 inches

Printed Coloring Book Tile

We can take your coloring book image and create it on permanent ink black on white tile for you to color and play with.

They can be children's themes or like these funky flowers or real complex if you like.

The tiles can be permanently installed or used on a table. Of course our print will not come off, but depending on how you color it, may or may not be 'that' permanent.  But even if it comes off, its fun coloring them again.

Great for relaxation and meditation.

Use your own coloring book photos and create your own tile or mural of tiles.

Or you can certainly use on of ours.

Feature Title

Soccer Coloring Book Tile Mural

18" x 18" mural size.

These can be made almost any size you want.